International Forex Card

In order to make your travel more comfortable and easy, Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., has teamed up with HDFC Bank to provide you with Forex Card facility.

Some benefits of a Forex Card are:

  • These cards are available with a Visa and MasterCard option giving it wider acceptability.
  • Is available with a back up card.
  • Gives you an option to top up the card even while you travel.
  • Why HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card?

    HDFC Bank ForexPlus cards are accepted at all Merchant Establishments displaying the Visa / MasterCard symbol, worldwide. The card works just like a Debit Card, with the transaction amount debited directly from your HDFC Bank ForexPlus card balance.

    Some exclusive features and benefits with your HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card are:

    • Protection against foreign exchange fluctuation
      ForexPlus card is available in a host of currency options. If the swipe is for the same currency, which has been loaded on the card, there is no loss on foreign exchange due to fluctuating market rates. However, you can withdraw cash or use the card at the point of sale in any currency throughout the world.
    • ForexPlus Card is available in the following currency options
      • Australian Dollar
      • AED (Dirham)
      • Canadian Dollar
      • Euro
      • Japanese Yen
      • Singapore Dollar
      • Sterling Pound
      • Swiss Franc
      • Swedish Krona
      • US Dollar

      These currencies are accepted worldwide and can be easily changed into the local currency of the country of visit.

    • Online usage allowed
      HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card allows for e-commerce transactions. Once you activate the E-com transaction option through Prepaid Card NetBanking facility, the E-Commerce service will be available from next 24 hours.
    • Safer and more secure
      HDFC ForexPlus Card is accepted at all Visa and MasterCard Merchant outlets and ATMs worldwide. Using this card will help avoid carrying cash and travelers’ cheques, and help in tracking of expenses. The card is protected by a PIN, which makes sure the card will not be misused. Stolen cards can be hot listed immediately by contacting HDFC via phone banking on toll free numbers across the globe or online by visiting
    • Stay insured
      HDFC ForexPlus insures the user for Personal Accident Insurance (Death over only) of Rs. 200,000, loss of checked baggage cover up to Rs. 20,000 and passport reconstruction cover (actual cost of passport reconstruction only). You can now enjoy a travel experience free of financial worries.
    • Easy to reload
      HDFC ForexPlus card is easy to reload. In case money loaded on the card gets exhausted, this card offers the facility to reload even in the middle of your journey. Reload requests can be made by any authorized person on your behalf. In case the card is issued by your corporate/employer; reload requests received through them will be acted upon by HDFC Bank. The card can be used and reloaded as often as you like till the last day of validity of the card.
    • Card back up
      In case of loss of your card, HDFC Bank ForexPlus card also comes with an option of back up card. This card can be used as a 'Replacement Card'. This is an optional feature needs for the card to be requested at the time of purchasing the card.
    • Tracking expenses feature
      The card comes with an option to track your spends, check your balance, change your IPIN and log an online request for PIN change. All you need is to register for internet banking on the card. HDFC Bank will also send you a statement of account to your mailing address at the end of every month during which the card has been used.


  • ForexPlus Card Interest Rates and Charges

    Fee Headings

    Charges for the AUD Card

    Charges for the CAD Card

    Charges on the Euro card

    Charges on the GBP card

    Charges for the JPY Card

    Issuance fee

    125 INR

    125 INR

    125 INR

    125 INR

    125 INR

    Reload Fee

    75 INR

    75 INR

    75 INR

    75 INR

    75 INR

    Reissue PIN

    1 AUD

    1 CAD

    E 1 per PIN

    GBP 1 per PIN

    125 JPY

    ATM Cash withdrawal

    2 AUD

    2 CAD

    E 1.50

    GBP 1

    250 JPY

    Balance Enquiry

    0.50 AUD

    0.50 CAD

    E 0.50

    GBP 0.50

    60 JPY

    Charge slip Retrieval

    3 AUD

    3 CAD

    E 2.50

    GBP 1.5

    375 JPY


      Fee headings

      Charges on the SGD card

      Charges on the USD card

      Charges on the CHF card

      Charges on the AED card

      Charges on the SEK card

      Issuance Fee

      125 INR

      125 INR

      125 INR

      125 INR

      125 INR

      Reload Fee

      75 INR

      75 INR

      75 INR

      75 INR

      75 INR

      Reissue PIN

      SGD 1.25

      $ 1 per PIN

      1.50 CHF

      3.50 AED

      SEK 7

      ATM Cash Withdrawal

      SGD 2.70


      2.50 CHF

      7 AED

      SEK 15

      Balance Enquiry

      SGD 0.75


      0.60 CHF

      2 AED

      SEK 3.50

      Charge Slip Retrieval

      SGD 4


      3.50 CHF

      10.5 AED

      SEK 22.50


  • Eligibility and Documentation Requirements

    In order to get your own ForexPlus Card, please visit Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd.; with the following documentation:

    • Completed ForexPlus Application Form
    • Form A2
    • A photocopy of your Passport

    Under FEMA, depending on the purpose of your travel, your forex eligibility is as follows:



      Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) - For Holidays, Personal visits etc.

      USD 10,000.00 per financial year

      Business Travel

      USD 25,000.00 per trip

      Immigration - For people who settle abroad in countries like Canada, New Zealand etc.

      USD 100,000.00 per year

      Employment Abroad - For a person who is going to work abroad

      USD 100,000.00 per year

      Medical Treatment - For people who are travelling abroad for treatment

      USD 100,000.00 per year

      Studies Abroad - For students pursuing studies abroad

      USD 100,000.00 per academic year


  • Important Notes
    • Cross Currency Charges: For transactions where the transaction currency is different than the currency loaded on ForexPlus card, bank will charge cross currency markup of 3% on those transactions.
    • Exchange rate used will be the VISA/MasterCard wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of the transaction.
    • Forex conversion fee applicable
    • These cards cannot not be used in India for import of goods online.
    • Service Tax applicable on all charges.
    • Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., is only a re-seller of these cards, all Rules, Regulations, Charges, KYC policy, Terms and Conditions are subject to HDFC Bank LTD.