Traveller’s Cheque

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With Traveller’s cheques (TCs), the security of your money is assured whenever you travel. Being an easy substitute for cash, Traveller’s Cheques (TCs) make your travel experience extremely convenient and stress-free. You can avail of the quick and hassle-free money exchange process upon reaching your destination.

Like bearer cheques, TCs can be easily converted into the local currency of the country you are visiting. You can convert it directly at the encashment counter.

Traveller’s Cheques are accepted almost anywhere in the world. You can also select the TCs in the currency of your desired destination as well. In the unlikely event, the country that you are visiting does not have a TC of its own; you can carry US Dollar TCs, as they are an accepted medium of transactions worldwide. Then, on your return, you can convert the unspent TCs into cash at our counter at the current exchange rate.

We sell American Express; one of the most recognised international brand of TCs which are easily available in the following currencies:

  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • Sterling Pound
  • Japanese Yen
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Benefits of Carrying Traveller’s Cheques
    • Keep your travel money safe: Traveller’s Cheques can be refunded if lost or stolen.*
    • Protect yourself against identity theft: In case of lost TCs or theft, you need not worry as they are not tied to your bank account and as such, your vital information cannot be accessed by fraudulent individuals.
    • Buy from an authorized seller: It is recommended that you always buy your Traveller’s Cheques from an authorised seller and verify all the necessary details before purchase.
    • Avoid exchange rate fluctuations: On purchase of Traveller’s Cheques in other currencies, you lock into the rate when you buy. Thus, you need not worry about the ever-changing currency rates.
    • Valid for life: Traveller’s cheques hold lifelong validity ensuring you of a smooth travel experience every time.
    • Easy to encash: Since Traveller’s Cheques are commonly accepted across various countries, you can avail of the wide-spread encashment facilities at almost all international destinations.
    • Multiple currency options: You can buy Traveller’s Cheques in the U.S. Dollar, or select from a choice of 6 other established currencies: the Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen and the Chinese Yuan.
    • Backed by American Express: For over a century, our Traveller’s Cheques have helped people protect their money. They are supported by American Express - a reputed multinational corporation.
    • Opt for Traveller’s Cheques, save money: Unlike an ATM, you are not charged withdrawal fees. Simply cash in your TCs for the local currency and you’re on your way. **
  • Using Traveller’s Cheques

    Sign: Sign in your name in the upper left hand corner on a Traveller’s Cheque. This will protect you in case you happen to lose your TC or in case of theft.

    Record: It is a good practice to note down your Traveller’s Cheques’ serial numbers and keep them with you safely when you travel. It is advisable that you keep this separately from your Traveller’s’ Cheques. This will help you in event of loss of cheque or theft.

    Protect: Make it a point to safeguard your Traveller’s Cheques as you would safeguard your cash.

    Use: Present your Traveller’s Cheque to the acceptor or the bank where you wish to encash it. It is imperative that you countersign only in the presence of the acceptor in the lower left hand corner to prevent any chance of forgery. You also have an option of exchanging your Traveller’s Cheques for the local currency at any Travelex store.

  • Travelling Together?

    Cheques for Two: Enjoy all the benefits of Traveller’s Cheques' plus a convenient dual signature feature so two people can use them - together or separately.

    Click here for TC exchange location worldwide

*Terms, Conditions and Restrictions Apply. Identification and proof of purchase required.

** Exchange fees may apply.

*** Learn more ways to Protect Yourself against Cheque Fraud at