Overseas Insurance

We, at Mickey Foreign Exchange Service Pvt. Ltd., understand the importance of protecting you from unforeseen glitches on a trip. Although, all our trips are carefully planned and managed, there are occasions when health or natural issues might take over. As a result, we have tied up with one of the best insurance service providers; Reliance General Insurance, making insurance procedure smoother than ever before.

  • Key Features
    • Minimum paperwork for maximum coverage.
    • Various unique benefits like compassionate visit, home burglary insurance, and financial emergency assistance are covered.
    • In case of life threatening situations, pre-existing ailments are covered.
    • For individuals between 61-70 years of age, special senior citizen plan are available without any medical test.
    • Cashless hospitalization cover for expenses due to loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, delayed and cancelled trips are also covered.
    • Wide choice from plan variants for both the Individual and family are available.
    • The sum insured floats over the family members covered in case of a family plan.

    *Subject to prior declaration and specific approval with premium loading, coverage is also available for trips involving any kind of sporting activities

  • Key Advantages
    • Applying for the insurance plan is hassle-free and convenient.
    • We cover wide durations up to 182 days, which is extendable up to 365 days. This allows for long trips to be insured.
    • In case of medical emergency and evacuation, thepolicy is automatically extended upto 30 days. And in case of delay of common carrier, the policy is extended up to 7 days beyond Policy expiry.
    • Through emergency assistance service provider, a 24 hour emergency cashless service is offered.
  • Know Your Policy

    One of the key elements that you need before planning an overseas vacation is an International Travel Insurance. IT protects you against many unforeseen risks you may come across while travelling abroad. it essential that you safeguard yourself against unforeseen mishaps like accidents, food poisoning, sudden and hazardous climate changes, etc.

    While people may often undermine travel insurance as additional expenses to an already costly vacation that burden you unnecessarily, it cannot be denied that international travel insurance is more of a worthy companion in a foreign land than a burden.

    It might not be necessary that the cheapest available travel insurance policy is the best plan, or vice-versa. It is important that you read your overseas travel insurance policy thoroughly and ensure that your travel insurance policy offers you adequate risk coverage as per you requirements.

    Ideally, an overseas travel insurance policy should cover you against following perils:

    • Loss of passport
    • Loss of checked-in baggage
    • Personal liability
    • Personal accident,
    • Accidental death,
    • Emergency medical expenses

  • Travel Insurance FAQs

    • Do I need travel insurance?

      A travel abroad is mainly undertaken for a vacation or a business trip. It is difficult to plan for events such as baggage loss, medical emergency or an accident which could ruin your hard earned holiday or a crucial meeting. An international travel insurance protects your from such perils and in case of an emergency, ensures you are not left stranded in a foreign land.

    • What is the benefit of having international travel insurance?

      International travel insurance provides you with medical, financial and other assistance in case of any emergency or unpleasant circumstances while traveling outside the country.

    • What are the benefits on this this insurance in case of a medical emergency?

      While travelling, this cover will assist you through cashless service or reimburse the expenses up to the maximum amount mentioned in your policy, in case of hospitalisation, or need of any kind of medical aid, examination by a physician, therapies or diagnostic tests.

    • Travel insurance policy covers what kind of risks?

      International travel insurance provides you with medical, financial and other assistance in case of any emergency or unpleasant circumstances while traveling outside the country.

      A basic travel insurance policy coversthe following:

      • Emergency medical assistance
      • Baggage insurance
      • Personal accident

      Apart from these, some optional services can be covered such as:

      • Dental treatment
      • Financial emergency
      • Compassionate visit
      • Sponsor protection
      • Trip delay, cancellation and interruption
      • Loss of passport
      • Home burglary insurance
      • Personal liability, etc.
    • Is travel insurance mandatory?

      Travel Insurance is not mandatory in India. However, it is mandatory in the following countries:

      • United Kingdom
      • Austria
      • Greece
      • Portugal
      • Spain
      • France
      • Germany
      • Belgium
      • Luxemburg
      • Netherlands
    • What is the age criterion to be covered under Reliance General Insurance’s international travel policy?

      Reliance General Insurance offers policies for children aged 6 months and above and to individuals up to 70 years. Insurance can also be provided to an individual above 70 years but a medical check-up will be required.

    • What risks does a travel policy protect an individual from?

      A travel policy covers an individual from risks like:

      • Medical expenses
      • Emergency medical evacuation / repatriation of mortal remains
      • Dental treatment
      • Loss of passport
      • Total loss of checked in baggage
      • Delay of checked baggage
      • Personal accident
      • Accidental death & dismemberment - common carrier
      • Personal liability
      • Daily allowance in case of hospitalization
      • Financial emergency assistance
      • Hijack distress allowance
      • Trip delay
      • Trip cancellation and interruption
      • Missed connections
      • Compassionate visit
      • Home burglary insurance
    • What risks do a travel policy protects a student from?

      Our travel policy will cover you from any:

      • Medical expenses
      • Emergency medical evacuation / repatriation of mortal remains
      • Dental treatment
      • Loss of passport
      • Total loss of checked in baggage
      • Personal accident
      • Accidental death & dismemberment - common carrier
      • Personal liability
      • Two-way compassionate visit
      • Bail bond
      • Study interruption
      • Sponsor protection
    • What paperwork is needed for buying a travel policy?

      Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt Ltd will need you to submit a duly filled proposal form along with the premium cheque. In the case where a senior citizen between the ages 60-70 years plans to take an insurance policy he requiresundergoing a medical test and submit the medical report.

      For a Corporate, the same documents will be needed. In case you are availing of a short term travel policy, then you will have to fill and submit, an "employee intimation form" each time one of your employees is travelling.

    • Are International travel policies recognized throughout the world?

      Yes, these policies are recognised worldwide.

    • Can an existing International travel policy be used or extended to cover domestic travel as well?

      An international policy is not valid for or extendable for domestic travel.

    • In case I lose my passport, how will my policy help me?

      Your policy will reimburse you for actual expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred including travel that you may incur in obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport, In case of lossof passport.

      However the policy does not cover you in the following circumstances:

      • If your passport Is confiscated or detained by customs, police or police authorities.
      • If your passport has been robbed and the same has not been reported to the local police within 24 hours and a written police report is obtained.
      • If your passport is lost on account of it being left unattended or forgotten in a public place or transport, hotel, apartment or a private place or vehicle.
    • Will my policy help me in any way if my baggage does not clear in time?

      The policy provides a reimbursement for the delay, beyond 12 hoursacross all travel destinations that are mentioned in your ticket including all halts.

      In case of delay, insurance policy will not cover for:

      • Loss of property unless a Property Irregularity Report or other report issued by carriers is procured and submitted.
      • Partial loss of the items contained in the checked-in baggage.
      • Items contained in the checked-in baggage, which are valued in excess of US $100 without appropriate proof of ownership.
      • Valuables, money, securities, tickets and passes or any other item(s) not declared.
      • Losses arising from any delay, detention, confiscation by customs officials or other public authorities.
      • Loss due to complete/partial damage of the checked-in baggage.
      • Checked-in baggage delay on the inbound sector to India.

      This amount will be up to a maximum, as mentioned in your policy.

    • Does this Insurance Policy cover for loss of Hand Bag while travelling by airline?

      No, the loss of handbag is not covered.

    • Is it beneficial to buy a corporate plan rather than buying individual travel plans?

      A corporate travel insurance policy can be beneficial if you:

      • Have a high number of employees travelling at different times.
      • Have a high number of travelling days.
      • Want to cover certain risks for certain employees.
      • Need worldwide coverage.
      • Have a high turnover of employees.
      • Want to cover employees from various group companies.
      • Minimize documentation.
      • Simple and easy administration.
    • How does one get the policy cancelled?

      To cancel your policy, please contact Reliance General Insurance directly.

    • How do I settle my claims?

      For claims settlement, please contact Reliance General Insurance directly.

    • On occurrence of an accident, is an FIR required?
      In the following cases, as FIR will be required:
      • Loss of passport.
      • Claim under Home burglary insurance.
      • Bail bond.
      • Accidental claims under personal accident section.
      • Personal liability.
      • Financial emergency.