Air Tickets

Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., is an IATA accredited agency, licensed to help you with your airway booking. Our professional staff will help you find flights that meet your needs, at competitive rates. So be it domestic or international travel, come over to Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., select from quotes from a wide choice of airlines and get confirmed tickets in your hand, in a matter of minutes.

Group Fares*

Have a group of ten or more passengers? Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., can provide you with special fares. So come over and find out the advantages of travelling with a group.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is an E-Ticket (electronic ticket)?

    An E-ticket is a digital document with all your the flight details. This needs to be printed and carried along to check-in at the airport.

  • Do I get a confirmation whenever my tickets are booked?

    The airline sends across a confirmation email and a message on the mobile phone to confirm that your tickets are booked.

  • How do I receive my E-ticket?

    Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., will send across your e-ticket on the email address that is provided by you.

  • Do I get the boarding pass from Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd.?

    The boarding pass is not issued by Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd. It will be issued to you by the airline representative when you show your confirmed e-ticket at the check in counter of the airline.

  • My details on the e-ticket are incorrect. What do I do?

    Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd. does not have the authority to change a passenger’s details. You will need to call the airline directly to get this fixed.

  • Do senior citizens get special fares?

    Currently, the airline industry does not have any special fares for senior citizens.

  • What is PNR number? Where can I check this?

    PNR is a booking number provided to you on your booking. It will usually be mentioned in the SMS that you receive from the airline. It will also be on your e-ticket as well. You can also check the PNR directly with your airline.

  • How much baggage is allowed to carry?

    The baggage allowance for most Domestic flights is 20 kgs for checked-in baggage and 5 kgs for cabin baggage. Some airlines allow only 15 kgs.

    For International Airlines, the allowance is 20 kgs for checked-in baggage and 7 kgs for cabin baggage. Business class travels are allowed to carry more luggages.

    Please note that the amount of baggage carried is not restricted, only the weight is. However, a single bag should not weigh more than 27 kgs.

    We recommend our travellers to check the luggage allowance with their individual airline before travel.

  • Am I allowed to carry a laptop or any other electronic devices with me?

    Unless there is a directive by the airport authorities, you are allowed to carry your laptop and electronic devices.

  • If there are any changes to the schedule of my flight, will I be updated?

    The airline you travel with will send you a sms/email advising you of any changes in the timing of the flight. However, this may not always be the case. So we recommend you to call the airline before travelling.

  • What if I miss the flight?

    If you miss your flight the applicable cancellation charges will be levied. You have an option to re-book the tickets with Mickey Foreign Exchange Pvt. Ltd., if you are already at the airport, please contact the airline counter and they will help you to reschedule your travel plan. However, charges will apply for the tickets on the other flight.

  • What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

    If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you can re-book your tickets. However, this is at the discretion of the airline. The airline could offer you full refund as well, as per their discretion.

  • Can I select my seats?

    Yes, you can select your seats. This service may be chargeable. Please contact the airline for this service.

  • How many days notice is needed to cancel my ticket?

    Domestic tickets can be cancelled at least 4 hrs prior to the departure. International tickets should ideally be cancelled 48 hrs prior to the departure date.

    The penalty applied for cancellation varies between airlines. Last minute cancellations may result in heavy penalty, or no refund, the final discretion for which remains with the airline.

  • What are the cancellation charges if I cancel my booking? How do I get my refund for this?

    When reserving your tickets, we suggest you check the fare rules mentioned on the booking page to know the cancellation charges on the airline you book. It may vary depending on the airline, sector, class of booking and time of cancellation.

    Once the booking is cancelled, Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., will communicate with the airline in relation to your refund. The refund will be credited back to the same account which was used while confirming your tickets.

    Refunds can take around 6-7 working days for a normal cancellation. For partial cancellation, there is no definite time frame. This is due to the fact that every case is different and airline rules vary as well.

    If your refund has not been received after 7 business days for a normal cancellation, please contact your bank.

  • How long should my passport be valid for to travel?

    Your passport should be valid for at least 6-12 months for you to be allowed to travel abroad. The exact timespan for this depends on the country and their immigration laws.

  • *Terms and Conditions
    • Group discounts may vary for different sectors and airlines.
    • Special fares are applicable only if the flights are booked lightly.
    • Group fares are usually for specific dates. The dates are at the discretion of the airline.
    • Group fare ticket dates cannot be changed.
    • All payments are to be made fully in advance.
    • If return tickets are purchased, they cannot be cancelled alone and no refund will be applicable. For e.g. If a flyer has purchased a return ticket and travelled one side, then the other side ticket cannot be cancelled, it can be rescheduled depending on availability.
    • All airway charges and rules are applicable as per the airline policy. Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., is not liable for any charges applicable as per these rules.
    • If there is a difference in the cancellation fee charged by the Airline and Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., then the traveler will need to get his tickets stamped by the airline.
    • Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., does not undertake telephonic confirmation of tickets.
    • Seat and meal preference are subject to availability and is the responsibility of the airline. Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., can put in a request for this but cannot be held liable if the airline does not comply with the request.
    • Cancellation charges reschedule charges or any other penalty is subject to availability and is at the discretion of the airline. Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., is not liable for this.
    • Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., is not responsible for any delay or loss of baggage during your travel. In any such scenario, please contact the airport management.
    • Mickey Foreign Exchange Services Pvt. Ltd., does not take guarantee of any services like wheel chair, meals or any other service or lack of it, for/by any airlines and will not be held responsible for this.
    • Visa and passport expiry is the responsibility of the traveler. Mickey Foreign Exchange Service Pvt. Ltd. will not be held responsible if the traveler is not allowed to travel due to this.
    • If a passenger has taken an overseas insurance, then he/she cannot claim for the lost baggage by both, the airline and the insurance company. Once it is claimed from the airline, the insurance company will not be liable to reimburse it.